Please contact us at (888) 941-9933 with any questions that you have about Utah Mechanics' Liens or Mechanics' Lien Foreclosures.  New clients may also email Steve with questions at:

Utah Construction Attorneys
136 E. South Temple, Suite 2400
Salt Lake City, UT 84111
(888) 941-9933


We usually will charge new clients a $1,000 retainer to begin work, and may work on contingency thereafter depending on the cirumstances (meaning we only get paid if/when you win).  Utah law requires that the loser pay the winner's attorney fees and costs after the dispute is over, so the law does provide you and us with some means of representing you on a more cost-effective basis than it does in other types of lawsuits.  Additionally, it is often very easy for an attorney with our office to determine whether or not a mechanic's lien is valid in our consultation before beginnning representation.